Permanent Make-Up

Before starting the procedure, the esthetician starts by making a personalized and simetric design on the person’s face, where measurements are taken to ensure the brow design corresponds to the person’s unique features. We never use standardized stencils.

Using a pencil, the esthetician draws the outline of the brows. Once the client is happy with the design, both move on to carefully choose the pigment color that best complements the person’s skin and hair color. Lastly, using the micropigmentation machine, the esthetician draws on the eyebrows using the chosen technique. The technique can be hair strokes or solid and compact.

The process usually lasts about an hour and a half.

Please follow these recommendations after your permanent makeup procedure

1. Ice the area consistently during the first 24 hours after the procedure. You should do this in 15-minute periods. That is: ice for 15, rest for 15. Put the ice inside a plastic bag and then wrap it around a towel so it is not so uncomfortable. By icing the area you avoid swelling and the skin heals quicker.

2. Apply Vaseline or Vitamin E three times a day during the first two weeks after the procedure. Rinse or wipe off the area between each application.

  • Avoid taking in direct sunlight during the first two weeks. Wear a hat and sunglasses when going out.
  • Avoid saunas, hot tubs or pools (chloride) during the first two weeks.
  • Try not to shower for prolonged periods of time and avoid using very hot water. You can protect the area by applying some Vaseline before showering.
  • Do not rip off the scabs that will form. If you do, you might peal away some of the pigment along with the scab and you will then have colorless patches on the area.
  • Do not use Retin A or any glycolic acid on pigmented areas while healing.

Special Care Instructions for:

EYEBROWS: The pigmented area will look darker than expected during the first few weeks after the procedure. Don’t be alarmed if the scabs fall off with some pigmentation, this is completely normal and will happen during the first few days. The color will lighten after the scabs have completely fallen off.

NOTE: The success of the procedure depends on how well you follow the aftercare instructions.

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.





This client did not have a good natural shape to her brows. She wanted something very natural and opted for microblading because she had no prior permanent makeup.

This client had previous microblading that was now faded and wanted something that lasted more. She opted to get 3D machine brows with nano needles for finer strokes.

This client had previous permanent makeup with highlights but it was very faded and she wanted it renewed in the same way. We reapplied the soft brown and left the previous highlights in place. The color will tone down in about a month.

This client wanted soft permanent makeup that looked similar to microblading. She got 3D brows in permanent makeup with nano needle. Color will lighten in the next month.

This client wanted to retain the thick shape of her brows and didn’t want to have to pluck them or wax them to keep their shape. She had microblading done with a dark brown for longer duration.

This client had no prior permanent makeup and she wanted something very natural. We did microblading in light brown.

This client wanted traditional permanent makeup, so we did machine brows with a medium brown. These brows will last longer than microblading.

Same client from above.

This client had previous permanent makeup that did not suit her natural brow shape and that had turned red. We did 3D machine brows with highlights to be able to give the strokes some space and make the final result look extremely natural.


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